If you are interested in swimming with MAC please review the following Pages on this website:

  • Practice Groups to determine which group your swimmer might be in (the head coach will make the final decision);
  • Meet and Practice to see the practice times,
  • FAQ and
  • Fees

If you still have questions you may email Coach John (


August 26 at 3:15 PM an evaluation of NEW MAC swimmers will be held to determine which practice groups the NEW MAC swimmers will be assigned.


MAC Registration — Please follow the steps below and complete the required forms and bring all forms to the First Practice Session on August 26.

STEP 1: Complete the MAC Registration Form (Below)

STEP 2: Decide on the type of USA Swimming Registration for your swimmer.

  • 1) Year Around (Premium): Unlimited meets, 365 days, $74.00.
  • 2) Seasonal (Individual Season) Unlimited Meets, 150 days,  $40.00
  • 3) Flex (NEW MAC swimmers only) Limited to two meets, 365 days $20.00

More information about the three plans are below.

Complete One of the Three USA Swimming Application forms (Below) – Premium, Seasonal, or Flex.

STEP 3: Complete the Concussion and Sudden Cardiac Arrest Readings and sign both forms. These forms can be found on the Resources Page. Both Swimmer and Parents need to complete  – 4  Forms

STEP 4: Complete the Code of Conduct forms for Athlete and Parent. These forms can be found on the Resources Page.

STEP 5: Review the MAC MAAPP Policy found on the Policy Page, and then sign the MAAPP  Acknowledgement Form  found on the Resources Page.

STEP 6: Make a check out to Mountain Aquatic Club. The amount depends on the USA Swimming registration your choose and your swimmer’s practice group.

  • USA Swimming Registration – $74 (Premium) or $40 (Seasonal)  or $20 (Flex)
  • MAC Monthly Fee (Monthly) – $40.00 Purple) or $50.00 (Gold) or $50.00 (Blue)
  • New Pool Facility Fees (Monthly) – $7.50 (Purple) or $20.00 (Gold) or $30.00 (Blue)



The Flex Registration is only for New Purple Group Swimmers. It only allows them to swim in two meets for a fee of $20.00. But it also allows them if they want to swim more meets later in the season to upgrade to Premium for an additonal $54.00.

The Seasonal Athlete Registration allows the swimmer to swim for 150 days (Sep 1 to Feb 1) and swim in as many meets as they want for $40.00. They can always register again after the first season expires for an additional $40.00

The Premium Athlete Registration allows the swimmer to swim all year (Sep 1, 2019 to Dec 31, 2020) and swim as many meets as they want. The fee is $74.00

Registration Forms

MAC Registration 2019-2020

USA Swimming Premium Athlete Registration Form

USA Swimming Seasonal Athlete Registration

USA Swimming FLEX Registration