What is MAC?

MAC is a youth swim team that is a member of USA Swimming (USA Swimming is the national organization for age-group and pre-collegiate swimming).  MAC seeks to offer competitive swimming opportunities to area youth.

Is this the same as the Tigersharks summer swim team?

No, but it is complimentary.  Because year-round swimming involves competing on a regional scale in an organization called USA Swimming, it’s being managed as a separate team. To learn more about USA Swimming including information for Parents go to:  http://www.usaswimming.org/DesktopDefault.aspx?TabId=2208&Alias=Rainbow&Lang=en

What is the mission of MAC?

The Mountain Aquatic Club strives to develop and train student-athletes who embody commitment, excellence, and sportsmanship.  MAC seeks to develop engaged members of the community who display qualities of kindness, compassion, and courage.  Commitment to the sport of swimming fosters qualities that carry over into all aspects of one’s life and development.

What skill level is required?

MAC swimmers should already have basic skills obtained through previous swimming lessons.  Specifically, we ask that swimmers be able to swim 25 yards (one length) of freestyle and backstroke in 40 seconds and 50 seconds respectively, and it is helpful to be able to swim four cycles of breaststroke and butterfly.  Coaches are not in the water for swimmer assistance.  As such, the method of coaching and training differs from traditional swimming lessons, building on these base skills to become skilled competitive swimmers.

What level of commitment is required?

It is expected and required that Stroke School swimmers attend 1 or more practices per week. Gold Group must attend 3 or more practices per week. The Blue Group swimmers are expected to attend a minimum of 4 practices per week. The old adage “practice makes perfect” applies to swimming as well as many other things in life.

As a USA Swimming Team, participation in regional meets is highly encouraged.  There are several local (e.g., Tullahoma) meets that provide excellent competition, camaraderie, personal challenge, and fun.  The meets require travel (as far as you want, by selecting your locations) and event fees for registration.  All meets will be attended and coached by Coach John, our USA Swimming certified coach.

 What about USA Registration, what should level should I register my child?

For NEW Purple swimmers who plan on swimming less than three meets, the new FLEX registration might be the most cost efficient – $20.00 for the year. If after getting some experience and wanting to swim more meets they can upgrade to the YEARLY Registration.

For returning swimmers the Premium Athlete Registration is the recommended one,

For returning swimmers who only plan to swim from Aug 27 to Feb 1 the SEASONAL Registration is the one for them.

What are The Monthly Fees for a family?

There is a discount of $10.00 for the second child and third child. For the normal monthly fees see the Fees Tab on the website


What gear to I need?

A swim suit, two pairs of goggles with one as a spare, fins as well as a kick board are needed by the PURPLE (Stroke School) Group swimmers. The GOLD and BLUE Groups also need to have a pull buoy, hand paddles, and In-line Snorkel.  All may be purchased at your discretion, but it is encouraged that you have the equipment to help with training. The equipment should be carried in a swim gear bag. Please add a water bottle to help stay hydrated.

Go to the Resources tab on the website to find a list of equipment and possible selections.

Can I swim for part of the season?

Yes.  Swimming is not the only sport or beneficial after-school activity…perhaps.  Please register for the months your swimmer will have time to swim. In addition, the season is being broken into two periods – Advent and Easter. Advent will run from August 27 to December 20, and Easter will run from January 3 to April 6.

Can I watch my swimmer practice on the pool deck?

We request that parents and family members observe practices from the balcony area. This for insurance reasons. If you have any questions or concerns you may catch Coach John after practice or email him at noffsij@gmail.com

Are there any Fowler Center Rules?

The pool balcony will be open for observation during swim practice.  If the door is locked, please see the front desk.

At no time may Parents/Guardians walk on the pool deck as this may distract the coach and it is a violation of USA Swimming insurance guidelines

All swimmers MUST change downstairs in the locker rooms and equipment should be taken down to the deck with swimmers. Changing is not allowed in the upstairs lobby bathrooms and equipment should not be left in the lobby.

Per facility rules, children who remain in the Fowler Center before and after practices should be supervised by a parent or guardian.  Fowler facility use (beyond the observation balcony of the pool) rules apply for those staying during practice (membership for entry, supervision, etc.).