Coach’s Corner

2017 is drawing to a close and I want to reflect on MAC and what has happened this past four months.

Attendance has been good and MAC has three swimmers on the Purple Team who have made every practice – Archer, Sawyer, and Theo; while on the Gold Team which practices five days a week has one swimmer who has made all but 3 of the 35 practices

The Purple Team has worked hard on body position in the water, feeling the water, and working on drills for Fly and in December we started to work on breaststroke. I have been fortunate to have Gold Team members who are lane leaders / coaches to help the younger swimmers with the drills.

The Gold Team has focused on conditioning – building up their aerobic energy systems with longer sets. We began at 1200 yards per practice and ended the year with 2200 yards per practice. The team actually swam a “broken” 1650 on the next to last practice. We continue to work on racing starts and turns as these are the fastest parts of the race, much faster than their swims.