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SEPTEMBER 1, 2020 MAC is permanently closing the program. The club does not have access to a practice pool. The University of the South is not allowing outside clubs to use the pool due to the pandemic. Swimmers who want to continue to swim are advised to join one of the three surrounding clubs in Winchester, Tullahoma or Manchester.

AUGUST 19, 2020. MAC swimmers are being challenged to join in the Hunger Walk this year. The goal is to see how many miles you can walk, run, or bike. This is a week long challenge beginning September 29 to October 4. Register by going to Click on Register on the top of the page. Then click Sign Me Up. Now look around the page until you find the list of Teams – select Mountain Aquatic Club and then Donate. Follow the steps. You do not need to give a tip to Givebutter.

Now when the Hunger Walk week approaches you may either download the Endomondo App to record your miles or you may use your own app and send in your miles each day to the Hunger Walk email.

AUGUST 12, 2020 We are taking a break from ZOOM Dry Land until after Labor Day. I am studying dry land – strength and conditioning to get certified by Ritter Sports Performance. Coaches are realizing that due to COVID-19 and the need for social distancing the number of swimmers per lane will be reduced as will the time in the water. So coaches are turning to dry land as a replacement for pool time. The University pool is planning on being open on August 24th for the U team and for students and faculty and staff and their dependents. Based on the experience the plan is for MAC to return to the water Oct 5th. BUT it is all dependent on the success of the U team in handling COVID-19. 

MAY 3, 2020 We had our first week of ZOOM Dry Land. Four 9&Under and Ten 10&Up are meeting daily for 15 to 30 minutes. The workouts are designed to maintain and improve aerobic conditioning and building strength through body weight exercises. MAC is using the workouts developed by Dr John Mullen, PhD Physical Therapist in CA, We are also using swimming videos to study technique as well as watching video’s of Olympic swimmers. 

APRIL 4, 2020 What an impact the pandemic has had on swimming world wide. Olympics have been moved to 2021. Pools are closed. Swimmers are staying in shape with more dryland training. Swimmers are watching more videos on technique so they can improve their strokes when they get back in the water.For the Blue and Gold Group Swimmers,  I have sent the link to GoSwimTV for parents to create an account and then show the daily, short video to their swimmer(s). Some coaches have referred to the video watching as the swimmer’s homework – study the video, think about what you saw, make some notes about how you might change your stroke technique. 

MARCH 15, 2019.   

I wish I did not have to make this announcement, but MAC practices are cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

MAC’s Short Course Season typically ends the first Saturday in April with our meet at Scottsboro/Ensworth. With the COVID 19 pandemic USA Swimming has cancelled all meets and events for the next 30 days which includes our final meet. In addition the Fowler Center (pool) is closed indefinitely. Consequently MAC will end it’s Short Course Season effective today. 

Opportunities for upcoming competitive swimming include:
1) Coach Max’s Swim Camp which is scheduled to begin April 13 through May 14
2) Tigersharks Summer Season May 18 – Jul 11
3) MAC Long Course Season May 18 – Jul 20

Please note depending on the COVID-19 pandemic these dates may change so look for future updates. 

As always let me know what questions or concerns you might have. 

During these times please be safe, prudent, and look out for your families and neighbors.  I look forward to working with your swimmer in the near future.


 FEB 28, 2020  Sectional Qualifiers – MAC had Sam Frazier and Loulie Frazier qualify for the Sectionals meet to be held in Atlanta on March 13, 14 and 15. Loulie will be swimming the 50 and 100 back; while Sam will swim 50 and 100 fly and 100 IM.  This meet will have swimmers from NC to TX competing. MAC had four swimmers complete in the Southeast LSC SC Championship meet last weekend. All four turned in personal best times for all their swims. Sam Frazier got 4th in 50 fl and 5th in 100 fly 

Feb 2, 2020

Parents, THANKS for a GREAT Foggy Mountain Meet. A special THANKS to Jeff and Nan for their behind the scenes work over the past 5 weeks, and to all parents who helped with set up, running the meet, and clean up. It definitely takes all of us to have a successful swimming program in Sewanee. MAC Swimmers had some great swims, and I also identified a number of opportunities for practices – proper finishes, fly arms, and breaststroke pulls, and better underwaters.   MAC had 5 High Point Winners –            Girls: 8U Rosa Thompson 11-12 Loulie Frazier            Boys 8U Flynn Allen, 9-10 Sam Frazier, 13-14 AJ Clements Loulie Frazier, Kiran Malde, Konrad Knoll, and Sam Frazier all have qualifying times and will be competing in the Southeast Swimming Championship in Huntsville Feb 21-22. Swimmers from Florida, Alabama and Tennessee will be competing. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ In case you are wondering what we will be working on over the next two months before we take a break, here are some highlights


  • Practices — going back to the basics and perfecting the four strokes.
    • Drills Stroke techniques StartsTurnsDryland


    • Southeast Swimming Championship Feb 21-22 (qualified swimmers) Scottsboro Sprint Medal Meet April 4th.  (All Swimmers)

    Practice Group Changes :

    • Gold Group Practices will be 3:20 – 4:30 Monday to Thursday and on Friday 3:20 to 5:00Blue Group Dryland will be Tuesday to Thursday 5:00 – 5:30; Friday 3:30 to 4:00 and Saturday 10:00 – 10:30Blue Group study of the book Conquering the Pool will be Monday 5:00 – 5:30

MAC will be taking a break after the Scottsboro meet – April 4. MAC will be competing in the Long Course season this summer, but your coach needs a break before we get back in the water June 1st. So I want to encourage swimmers to swim with Coach Max at his Swim Camp. I believe it starts April 13 and usually runs 5 weeks thru May 14. Tigersharks will then begin May 18th. Coach Max’s Swim Camp works on improving strokes and I would like All MAC swimmers to swim with Coach Max and stay in the water so they do not loose the feel for the water and their conditioning Right now I am planning to coach Tigersharks and I also want to take MAC swimmers to two long course meets over the summer. But, Karen and I will be taking some down time and traveling to United Kingdom and Ireland April 22 to May 22. Then we are going to West Virginia to celebrate our oldest granddaughter’s high school graduation on May 29th. So I will return to the deck June 1.   Over the next two months I am encouraging all swimmers to make as many practices as possible. The Purple group cheers at the end of their practice “Good, Better, Best, Never Let it Rest until Your Good is Better and Your Better is Best”  I believe Good only becomes Best through effort which means more time in the water. Hard Work Pays Off and the more practices a swimmer attends the better they will become as swimmers. So please make sure you swimmer is at all practices.  If your swimmer can’t make a practice please let me know. Just email me – or text 304-641-8757. An updated the Practice Calendar for February is on the website –

Jan 21, 2020   So far this month we have seen a lot of changes with practices and practice times. Working with both the University swimming and diving teams and SAS MS and HS teams to get lane time has been a lesson in compromise. But so far we have been able to work around the other teams and still get some time in the water. The Foggy Mountain Meet is fast approaching – February 1st. We have teams from Winchester, Tullahoma, Manchester and Franklin competing. MAC has 27 swimmers competing, and this meet will be the “coach’s” meet to see how well each swimmer has improved so far through the season. The Purple groups (stroke school) have been progressing well and we will have several from these competing in all four strokes. We will not be going to the Regional meet at Baylor this year so those swimmers who hope to qualify for the SES Championships in Huntsville the Foggy Mountain meet will be their “last chance” meet. So far we have three swimmers who have qualified and looking at times there is at least one more who might qualify provided they have some good swims at the Foggy Mountain Meet.Dec 18, 2019 As we approach the end of the year, we continue to work on Individual Medley swims. We will take the week of Christmas off and return to the pool the week of New Years but taking New Years Eve and New Years Day off. Those swimmers in town should make all practices as we prepare for the Karen Hamilton Meet on Jan 11.

In January, the Blue group will add Mental Fitness training to their physical training schedule using material from Conquer the Pool The Swimmer’s Ultimate Guide to a High Performance Mindset by Piorier-Leroy.  They will work on Goal Setting, Practice Mindset and Racing Mindset.

The Gold Group, in January, will begin working on endurance training – improving their aerobic conditioning. They will begin to do longer swim sets while swimming with great technique.

The Purple group, in January, will continue to refine both Free and Back and perfecting Butterfly timing and getting a “legal” breaststroke kick with toes pointing out. The breaststroke kick is one of the most difficult techniques for most young swimmers to master. As motor skills become more developed they begin to make advances in correctly turning their feet out and pushing back. It only takes patience and time.

Dec 13, 2019 We had some great swims this past weekend. Archer won the 8&Under High Point Award; while, Loulie and Kiran had qualifying swims for SE LSC Champs, and AJ had a qualifying swim for HS Champs. All swimmer swam personal best times.

Dec 1, 2019 We are now entering phase 3 of the season. We worked so far on technique and then on long quality swims and now we are focusing on individual medley work – pacing, turns, and finishing. We will continue to build aerobic conditioning as that and technique are, I believe, the basics of competitive swimming. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Nov 22,2019.  I am enjoying watching swimming at my alma mater at their new aquatic center  some great swims  – technique is awesome. Kenyon is here along with William & Mary,  Navy, Villanova, and JMU

Nov 16, 2019 Great Snowflake MS meet today. Thanks to all the MAC parents for your help making this a successful meet.
MAC swimmers helped the SAS MS Team to a third place finish out of 8 teams. MAC swimmers improved times in their events and set new team records in the relays and individual events. Loulie Frazier broke two SAS team records -200 IM and the 50 BK.
As a Stroke and Turn official,  I was able to observe swimmers from the view point of a stroke and turn judge, and I noticed some turn opportunities to work on in practice. 

Nov 15, 2019  I reduced practice sessions due to lack of attendance. There are no longer 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM practices.

Sep 2, 2019  MAC will be offering additional practice times next week. I am not sure how many as it will depend on the interest. We are looking at Tuesday and Wednesday 6:00 AM to 7:00 AM and Monday and Thursday 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM. We had our first Saturday practice last Saturday 8:00 AM to 10 AM.

July 23, 2019. It has been quite a while since I wrote in the Coach’s Corner. It is not like I did not have anything to write but just too busy. Well the LC Season is over. MAC had four swimmers compete in the LC Championships in Huntsville. This is up from two last year.

MAC will return to the water after a five week break. Swimmers are encouraged to practice on their own whenever the Fowler Center pool is open.

2019-20 Registration now requires parents read the new Policy on Minor Athletes Abuse Prevention Plan (MAAPP) and sign off the MAAPP Acknowledge Form.

December 15, 2018. The end of the year is fast approaching. We have four remaining practice dates before we take time off and celebrate Christmas. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

We still have Fit and Faster clinic in Tullahoma on Dec 21 and 22. I am looking forward to watching and learning from the former Auburn University swim coach Brett Hawke. I plan to come away with some great new ideas and drills to help all MAC swimmers improve their stroke technique.

2019 comes in like a bang – three meets in Jan and early Feb. – Karen Hamilton Meet in Tullahoma Jan 5, Ensworth Meet Jan 17-18 , and Foggy Mountain Meet Feb 2.

Jeff and others are working on setting up for the Foggy Mountain meet on Feb 2. Meet Sanctioning, Meet Entries, Hospitality, Concessions, Officials, Timers, etc. etc. They will need all MAC parents to volunteer in some capacity to make this another successful meet like we had last year. This year we expecting around 150 swimmers from local area teams, up a little from last year’s 130 swimmers. But this is a Great meet for our newer MAC swimmers – their own pool plus events that are shorter and more to their development level.

November 23, 2018. Happy Thanksgiving to all MAC families. One week to Meet of Champs and then three weeks to FIT AND FASTER with Brett Hawk former head coach at Auburn. A lot before Christmas but a lot of fun and swimming opportunities.

November 7, 2018  The Great Pumpkin Meet this past weekend was a great success – we had the 25 swimmers competing which makes this the largest group of MAC swimmers ever. We had two more swimmers qualify for SES Champs – Kiran Malde and Anara Summers – joining Sam Frazier who qualified at the Baylor meet. One metric I typically track is number of disqualifications due to incorrect stroke technique – None. I am still recapping the results but I do know we had several swimmers get “BB” National Time Standard cuts and one swimmer get the club’s first “A” National Time Standard cut this year.

November 1, 2018 The Practice and Meet schedule is slightly changed with the Holidays and beginning a new Saturday practice with Coach Nicole.

Sep 23, 2018  GREAT MEET – Article for Mountain Messenger

Mountain Aquatic Club (MAC) swam in the Fall Kickoff Classic at Baylor School in Chattanooga this past weekend, Sep 21 and 22. Seven MAC swimmers competed against over 300 swimmers from other Tennessee and Georgia swim teams. The seven MAC swimmers swam a total of 64 events. Setting personal best times in over 90% of their swims in their first meet of the season

The team took home 47 Top Ten places.  Sam Frazier and Anara Summers had a total of 19 first place swims between them in the 8 and Under age groups.  Will Roberts had two 3rd place finishes; while Sarah-Russell Roberson, Loulie Frazier, and Sawyer Barry each had two 5th place finishes in their respective age groups.

Sam Frazier swam a qualifying time in the 50 yards butterfly for the Southeastern Championships to be held in Huntsville, AL this coming March.

MAC practices at the Fowler Center and has 29 swimmers with 14 in the developmental or stroke school group and 15 in the conditioning group. The entire team will be in action on Nov 3rd at the Greater Pumpkin Meet in Tullahoma. MAC is coached by John Noffsinger.

Sep 5, 2018 – “I believe I am in process: I am a coach today, hopefully I am a better coach tomorrow, and I will be even a better coach in a year.” Coach Teri McKeever, U of Cal.
I recently completed and was awarded the 5th Level E Certification by the America Swim Coaches Association. There are two tracks to get to Level 5 Certificate: one is by having a 10 national age group top 10 swimmers and the other is thru education and study.  I felt the need to gain this certification so I can become a better student of the sport.
Sep 2, 2018 – Super first week of practice. MAC finally got back in the water on August 27th. MAC has 13 swimmers in Stroke School (Purple group) and 13 swimmers who are part of the Gold and Blue groups. I am still working on determining which days which swimmers will be at swim practice and which days they have other activities. Once I have that figured out I believe practices will become more consistent. I am using Fridays to add more games to the mix but it still requires good effort by those swimming to participate.
August 13, 2018 – Great weekend with Kara Lynn Jordan Olympic Medalist.  MAC had 14 swimmers who attended the training session with Kara. The groups worked on streamlining, starts, turns and spent a lot of time perfecting dolphin kicks and their fly.
Twenty-three swimmers have indicated they will be hitting the water in two weeks. The Purple group is the largest with 13 swimmers. This group has now been split in two and will have two different practice times – Mon/Wed and Tue/Thu. The times have been changed and shortened so these little folks will not get too chilled during winter practice — 3:15 PM to 3:50 PM.
July 25, 2018 – So far we have 14 swimmers expressing interest in swimming with MAC. Slots are filling up and we may have to start wait listing future requests. Please let me know what questions you might have.
We will get back in the water on Monday August 27. MAC will have three practice groups as we have added a New SENIOR group (11 to 18 yrs old). Registration information will be mailed out on July 24th and posted on this site.

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